5 June 2009

To whom it may concern:

It is my great pleasure to write on behalf of Robert Bennett, an immensely talented journalist with whom I worked for more than six years when he was one of the star writers at WE, a national magazine for which I served as editor in chief. Since our collaboration I have closely followed Mr. Bennett’s career and enjoyed the opportunity to read not only his journalism but his fiction. I have seen him develop into a promising writer in several genres with a passion for his craft.

Mr. Bennett’s contributions to our magazine were uniformly outstanding, reflecting a strong grasp not only of journalistic issues but of politics, design, travel and society. His maturity and wide-ranging experience gave his observations the type of authority that is rarely found in a reporter. As an editor and a teacher of writing, I can attest to Mr. Bennett’s superior skills in presenting information, organizing his thoughts and expressing himself clearly, both on paper and orally. His ability to convince others of his position gave me confidence that he could be a top-level editor as well as reporter. The level of his written work is extremely high—his features on cars and on skydiving were among the most popular and well-written we ever published. He is a careful writer and speaker, sensitive to the nuances of language and scrupulous in his attention to grammar and syntax—a welcome change from most of his peers. Who wouldn’t want a colleague as motivated as this? He has a keen mind and the maturity to understand that there are many areas for him yet to explore.

I have seen Robert Bennett grow in a promising and formidable way. His resume already indicates many admirable achievements, especially in terms of writing for print media and the Internet. He has impeccable credentials as a professional, demonstrating world-class expertise and he already has a dedicated fan base among readers. In all, Mr. Bennett presents an extremely impressive package of skills and character traits that will make him an outstanding candidate for employment. I recommend him without reservation.

Respectfully submitted,


Charles A. Riley II, PhD
Professor of English