February 15, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Well known author and writer Robert Bennett, whose book Blind Traveler down a Dark River (an intriguing mystery about a blind man who unwittingly witnesses a hired murder and attempts to solve the crime and keep himself out of harms’ way) was a key speaker at the 2005 Texas Youth Leadership Forum. As the speaker to “kick off” our Assistive Technology Fair, Mr. Bennett brought a wealth of information regarding technology and its use in the profession of writing. He gave a very informative and realistic talk over the types of assistive technology available to people with disabilities. He was able to share with us the use and benefits of technology in his own profession, as well as motivating the young adults to take advantage of technology to promote their own interests. The group really enjoyed his presentation and his participation as he volunteered to stay several days and assist them with other activities.

Mr. Bennett was wonderful to have at the forum and we will ask him to return to future forums.


Annie H. Brown
Director, Texas Youth Leadership Forum